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SPECIALTY   |  Lawrence Mills - Tailrace and Raceway Stabilization Lawrence Mills Site

Lawrence Mills
Saugus Landfill

Lawrence Mills

Lawrence Mills - Tailrace and Raceway Stabilization Lawrence Mills Site
Lawrence, MA

Project Description: TFCI was contracted by the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) to perform underground soil stabilization and encapsulation work at a defunct textile mill on the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts. TFCI implemented unique tunnel filling techniques to install over five thousand cubic yards of flowable fill and sand to encapsulate PAH contaminated sediments previously washing into the river from a series of ten underground raceway and tailrace tunnels. The sediments, as much as five to six feet deep in some locations, proved extremely difficult to maneuver on; forcing TFCI to combine several soil stabilization techniques including lime incorporation and reinforced geotextile fabric utilization. TFCI also demolished a 5,000 square foot turbine building and all of its contents as part of the work.