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Having begun T Ford Company as a sole proprietorship in 1983, I am proud and privileged to contribute the following brief anthology of T Ford Company Inc. (TFCI) on the occasion of my exiting of all ownership interests as of January 2019.

Jack Enos and I met at Northeastern and although he was one class younger (and far more academically accomplished) than I, we knew each other and were peripheral friends. Fast forward a few years, after graduate degrees and some considerable life experiences, when Jack and I met up again, we immediately resumed our friendship. At my insistence, we combined our comparatively small businesses. After some 30 years of projects, great collaborations, quiet and thoughtful disagreements, and mutual laughs and successes, Jack has chosen to acquire 100% of the ownership and managerial control of T Ford Company Inc.

Tom Ford


Tom Ford

I cannot imagine a better outcome for our employees, our business relationships, our clients, and selfishly, the future of T Ford Company, Inc. and its outstanding reputation.

Jack is one of the most thoughtful, earnest, and considerate business professionals that I have ever known. I have no doubt that he, and the team at TFCI, including Dan, Susan, Ron, and many others will both accelerate the business, challenge themselves, and bring TFCI to an even higher level of professionalism and accomplishment. I am confident that under Jack’s management, TFCI will deliver tough civil projects to the complete satisfaction of their public and private clients.

As for me, I have always enjoyed living at the intersection of construction and real estate development, and my real estate entity, T Ford LLC, will continue to develop land, build and manage commercial buildings, and own and develop self-storage facilities.

For me personally, it has been a great ride. I want to wish Jack and his team, together with all our great engineering firms, private clients, public utilities, and municipal clients, continued success. All the best to you Jack, go team go! So very proud.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

When Tom and I reconnected back in 1990 I was an Engineer with a dream of becoming a Contractor. I love Engineering but really wanted to build things rather than design them. In order to pursue this dream I left an Engineering career which was a great experience, working with some of the best Geotechnical Engineers in the profession. With no equipment other than a pickup truck, I started a firm to pursue sitework type projects and found it to be a challenge to complete with firms that were better equipped. I started to cross paths with Tom and we even bid against each other on occasion. After a few of these encounters, Tom initiated a discussion about potentially joining forces and we agreed to do a “try before you buy” trial period of 6 months. Tom wanted to continue growing his Real Estate development and suggested I focus on operations. Well, we had a pretty decent 6 months and never looked back. It’s been a nice run and a true partnership. We debated issues and always came to a mutually agreeable outcome for the good of the Company. Tom did estimates on napkins and I did spreadsheets. Amazingly we would often arrive at similar numbers! One of the first memories I have of working with Tom was reading a quote he had on his wall “Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.” - Ray Bradbury. A number of our earlier projects were a lot like jumping off a cliff. We learned to be better Contractors with every job and developed a reputation for doing good work and never failing. I am grateful for the faith and trust Tom had in me.

T Ford Company is a great Company built with a great team of people. I am honored to take the reins and continue the successful venture Tom started. I wish Tom success and happiness in pursuing his passion for Real Estate development.

Jack Enos

T Ford Company, Inc., is a general contractor specializing in civil construction, specifically environmental remediation and restoration, shoreline construction, civil engineering projects, site improvement projects, utilities, concrete foundations, industrial buildings, and solar array installations. It was founded in 1983 by Thomas Ford and located in Georgetown, Massachusetts.

T Ford Company, Inc. serves clients such as municipalities and state agencies, Fortune 500 industrial firms, civil engineering consultants, environmental engineering firms, and private industrial/utility organizations. Our client base is located primarily in eastern New England.

Craftsmanship, professionalism, and teamwork are integral to our project delivery system. Our clients count on us for the thoughtful execution of their construction projects, delivered on time and completely satisfying their quality and operational requirements.

If you or your client has a challenging civil or environmental project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact Jack Enos or Dan Galante, or call us at 978.352.5606.

Jack Enos


Jack Enos

Jack joined T Ford Company, Inc. as a principal in 1990 and has helped build the site and environmental remediation sides of the business. As a civil engineer with extensive experience in geotechnical construction, Jack has managed many challenging projects involving underground construction. On the environmental side, Jack has significant experience in remediation of manufactured gas plant sites, which includes capping, containment walls, and collection systems for groundwater and dense non-aqueous phase liquids. Prior to joining T Ford, he headed Geoconstruction, Inc., a general contracting firm specializing in civil and site improvement projects, and was a project manager and geotechnical consultant with GEI Consultants, Inc.

Jack is a registered professional engineer and a licensed construction supervisor in Massachusetts. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Associated Builders & Contractors, and the Boston Society of Civil Engineers. He earned a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering from MIT and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Northeastern University.

Dan Galante

Senior Vice President

Dan Galante

Dan joined T Ford Company, Inc. in 2002 as a project manager and was named vice president in 2012. His responsibilities range from developing initial project estimates and technical proposals to comprehensive project management, client interface, and business development. Dan has managed a wide array of challenging geotechnical and environmental projects and has helped build a strong network of satisfied clients and consultants. Dan's management approach is to establish an open dialogue with owners and consultant teams, which helps to create a smooth working relationship when dealing with inevitable project work-scope changes, and reducing the need for dispute resolution negotiation.

Prior to joining T Ford Company, Inc., Dan was a project manager and estimator for DRL Corporation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a focus on water resources engineering and site remediation from Tufts University.

Susan O’Flaherty

Vice President of Administration

Susan O’Flaherty

Susan O'Flaherty joined T Ford Company, Inc. in 1995 and is responsible for financial reporting and office, project, and human resources administration.

Susan worked previously in residential real estate development with Trammell Crow Company, and in venture capital with One Liberty Ventures. She has significant experience in project management and administration, corporate accounting, and personnel administration. She attended East Carolina University and is a graduate of the Katherine Gibbs School.